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LAMP Topic Brief 5: Photography

This resource describes a unit of practical lessons in photography which also aimed to introduce some of the basic scientific concepts involved.

This unit was developed from work carried out with boys in the age range 14-16 years as part of the Lamp Project in 1977. The average reading age of the students...

LAMP Topic Brief 6: Gardening

This unit was developed in 1977 from work carried out in establishing an outdoor resource area within the grounds of a large urban comprehensive school. During the course of its development, the unit was used with lower ability students in the 14 to 16 years age range, forming one six week section of a modular...

A Teachers' Handbook: a Guide to the Resources

The LAMP Project was sponsored by the Association for Science Education, to consider the teaching of science to less academically motivated students in secondary schools.

One of the main outcomes of this Project was a series of resource materials, or Topic Briefs, outlining possible science-based activities...


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