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North wind and the Sun

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First published in 1964, this classic Wildsmith version of the fable by La Fontaine is now reissued with a new cover.

Lazy bear

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A simple moral tale of a bear who tries to bully his friends, is punished, and forgiven.

Little wood duck

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The little wood duck doesn't swim with the other ducklings. He swims all by himself - round and round in a circle. All the other animals laugh at him, but he can't...


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Arthur, a dog in a pet store waiting to be adopted, takes on the identities of other animals he thinks might be more appealing, until discovering...

Witch of Bickleigh Mill

This tale is the extraordinary story of the battle betwen Old Mother Beckery, the Witch of Bickleigh Hill, and a swam of evil goblins from Dartmoor. Full colour illustrations.

Children first: a cross-curricular approach to key stage one of the national curriculum

The approach of this book fully addresses the demands and the content of the three core subjects of Science, English and Mathematics while wielding them into an integrated whole. Through this approach, links are made with the other foundation subjects and to the everyday experience of the children themselves. The...

Brian Wildsmith's ABC

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Brian Wildsmith's ABC does more than introduce children to the alphabet. It welcomes them to a celebration of each letter of the alphabet...

M is for mirror: find the hidden pictures


An alphabet book with charming surprises is the best way to describe this collection of cunning pictures. Each contains special hidden images which are only revealed by using the card mirror...

Parents and children: what do you know about your rights?

This is a book of stories with questions and answers to help define parents and children's rights in relation to education, the National Health Service and the law (archive)

Goldmine: finding free and low-cost resources for teaching (1995-1996)


"Goldmine" offers information on low-cost, good quality material for use in the classroom. It describes the resources by topic and tells where they can be obtained. Altogether, over 5000...


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