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Structures 14 to 16

This book, produced by the Technology Enhancement Programme (TEP), helps students to consider the design of man-made structures. Data, mathematics, computer modelling and actual scale models are all used in deciding if a structure's final design will work. The book looks at structural principles and applies them to...

The Paper Cup Company

A National STEM Learning Centre and Network Engineering Case Studies resource investigating the design process involved in developing a paper cup for manufacture.

You wouldn't believe making a paper cup could be complicated, but there's a lot of science reasoning behind the product design.Your students can...

Vertically Challenged

Aimed at primary level, the activities within this pack demonstrate key ideas and concepts used in designing and constructing buildings such as: how levers and pulleys work, the properties of materials and the forces involved in different structures.

Activities include: making a lever to lift a grown up,...

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