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Raspberry Pi recipe cards

This resource has been developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation in conjunction with OCR.

The Flashing Light LED Recipe Card explains how to turn an LED into an output device for your Raspberry Pi. The resource guides the learner through the steps required when writing the program to make the...

Control in Action: Designing a Fermenter

This is one of a series of focused units, from the Association for Science Education and the Design and Technology Association, to introduce students to important technologies and their applications. This unit features control systems and their applications to fermentation. The introduction to the unit:


Global Solar Partners

This topic, from the Association for Science Education, allows classes in schools across the world to explore and exchange information about the applications of photovoltaic devices. The version of the topic that can be downloaded here is a trial version and is provided only in English. This resource was edited by...

Key Stage Four Electronic Products Chooser Charts

A set of Key Stage Four Nuffield Foundation chooser charts focusing on electronic products.

Chooser charts help students make decisions about approaches to take for strategy and communication. The chooser charts are particularly useful when students are tackling open-ended projects, such as capability tasks...

Key Stage Four Electronic Products Resource Tasks

A set of Key Stage Four Nuffield Foundation resource tasks focusing on electronic products.

Resource tasks are short, practical focused, activities designed to teach the resources for capability in a way which should intrigue and amuse students.

Key Stage Four Electronic Products Capability Tasks

A set of Key Stage Four Nuffield Foundation capability tasks focusing on the design, making and evaluation of electronic products.

For students to develop and reveal their capability longer more open tasks requiring designing, making and evaluating are necessary. Sometimes these activities are referred to as...

Systems and Controls

A series of lesson ideas from BLOODHOUND SSC in which students build a control system to help the driver of BLOODHOUND SSC to operate the rocket motor and pump.

BLOODHOUND uses a 46cm (18 inch) diameter rocket to accelerate from jet power speed to maximum speed in a few seconds. The engine must be at the...

Electronic Products

A Nuffield Design Hexagon task focusing on a range of electronic products. The resource aims to extend understanding of how to evaluate a design by thinking how it affects people and whether it performs as expected.

This resource contains a number of activities for each side of the design hexagon (student...

Electronics 14 to 16

This textbook from the Technology Enhancement Programme (TEP) is intended to introduce students to making electronic devices and systems. It looks at important electronic components and how they can be put together to perform useful tasks. How to design and make electronic circuits is aided by descriptions of how...

Body Sensor Networks

A Catalyst article about the use of tiny electronic sensors to monitor the movement of people. As electronic devices get smaller and more powerful, they are finding new uses in monitoring human activity. This article describes a project to develop sensors with uses in medicine, sport and electronic gaming.



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