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describe the conditions which cause corrosion and the process of corrosion and oxidisationUnderstanding of properties of materials and how they need to be protected from corrosion through surface treatments and finishes. 

Unit 10: Group work videos

Pedagogy and Practice: Teaching and Learning in Secondary Schools
Unit 10: Group work
DfES 0433-2004 G
Reproduced with permission.


Peer Reviewing Hinge-Point Questions: Exemplars

To support you in writing your feedback we have provided four example responses to Step 3.8, with feedback. Take account of the examples when you provide your own feedback, but at the same time, don’t treat these as “model peer reviews”. You may also find it useful to remind yourself with the quizzes in Steps 3.3...

This collection of resources combines presentations, videos and classroom tasks to support the teaching of sustainability and life cycle assessment.In the new subject content for GCSE D&T, students should be able to select materials and components based on ethical factors, taking into consideration the ecological...

Design a book cover activity

This is a single lesson activity that uses Harry Potter and The Hunger Games as a setting for book cover design.

The fetch-decode-execute cycle

Four videos that introduces machine code instructions and the fetch-decode--execute cycle. The fetch-decode-execute cycle is explained using a narrated animation.

Basic Logic Gates

Ten videos on basic logic gates and how simple electrical circuits can be used as a memory aid to memorizing the functionality of NOT AND and OR gates.

Ski Jacket Thermal Insulation Simulator

This is a simple simulator in which pupils can investigate the effectiveness of a ski jacket.  Pupils can alter various parameters and see what the effects are.  The simulator also brings into view the competing design parameters - lots of insulation will keep the skier warmer - but may well restrict movement....

The Magic Beanstalk, puppet show available for schools

Jack, his mum and their cow Daisy are in trouble. The phones cut off, there's no food in the fridge - and they've got NITS! What happens next is an exciting adventure for all girls and boys who believe in magic.

A new show for primary school children of all ages. Set in the present day, beautiful hand carved...

Secondary Design and Technology Introductory Challange - Airdrop Relief

A team working introductory design and technology activity for secondary students aged 11-16 working in small teams. The activity takes between 60-90 minutes to complete.

Activity Theme: Parachutes

STEM Links: Forces, Resistance, Design, Structural Aerodynamics,...


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