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Cooking Session 9: Pasta Mania

In this Licence to Cook practical session students make a savoury sauce and combine it with pasta to make a simple dish. Students start to prepare and cook items simultaneously, learning about timing and kitchen organisation.

Key skills include weighing and measuring, use of the hob (boiling, simmering),...

Shopping Tutorial 2

This Licence to Cook tutorial is about understanding the information on food labels and making informed decisions when choosing what to buy and eat. The differentiated slides cover:

• Food labels
• Ingredients
• Date marks
• Nutritional information
• Guideline Daily Amounts

Cooking Session 4: Soup-er!

This Licence to Cook practical session allows students to build confidence in using the hob. Although the hob may have been used before, this session concentrates on its safe use. In addition, it consolidates knife skills through the preparation of a variety of different vegetables. During this session, students...

Cooking Session 5: Batch Bake

During this Licence to cook practical session, students make courgette and cheese muffins, fruit muffins or mini fruit cakes. These recipes demonstrate combining ingredients (with the all-in-one method), accurate weighing and measuring and using the oven.

Writing frames are provided for students to record...

Cooking Session 6: Creative Crumbles

During this Licence to Cook practical session, students make apple and sultana crumble or vegetable crumble. These recipes allow students to practice weighing and measuring, rubbing-in, preparation of fillings, layering ingredients and baking.

Writing frames are provided for students to record their own...

Cooking Session 7: Feel the Rub

This Licence to Cook practical session extends the rubbing in technique so that students learn to form and shape the rubbed-in dough. This additional dimension is a progression from Cooking Session 6, Creative Crumbles, as students will need to carefully control the amount of liquid added to the mixture to prevent...

Cooking Session 8: Deli Salads

This Licence to Cook practical session is about creating a deli-style salad using a range of different ingredients. Students are presented with the opportunity to cook a range of starchy foods, whilst simultaneously preparing other ingredients for their salad.

The aim of the session is to improve students’...

Cooking Session 10: Mini Meals

During this Licence to Cook practical session, students make either koftas, spicy bean burgers or a fish and vegetable stack to demonstrate their skills and understanding of ingredient preparation. It also provides the opportunity for students to use a food processor to prepare ingredients.

This session can...

Cooking Session 11: Back to Basics

During this Licence to Cook practical session, students can make either a classic tomato ragu or ratatouille. These recipes demonstrate how a simple tomato based sauce can form the basis of many dishes and meals, as well as providing an opportunity to practice essential knife skills. Students will also use the hob...

Cooking Session 12: Curry to Go!

This Licence to Cook practical session is about making a simple curry dish in one pan. It demonstrates the use of simple pieces of equipment in the preparation of a dish that students could easily prepare at home. During this session, students can make a spinach, potato and chickpea curry, lamb korma or Thai green...


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