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Design sprint: a practical guidebook for building great digital products

With more than 500 new apps entering the market every day, what does it take to build a successful digital product? The reader can greatly reduce their risk of failure with design sprints, a process that enables their team to prototype and test a digital product idea within a week.

This practical guide shows...

Design methods

This work in design methodology is authored by the founder of the design methods movement. This new edition includes topics such as new methods, exploring the possible, human scale and designing without design.

Jones first evaluates traditional methods such as design drawing, and reveals their inadequacy in...

Design for the 21st century

How do the best and brightest designers see the future of design? Including a cross section of the world's most influential designers, from superstars to newcomers, this guide explores cutting edge product design, furniture, ceramics, appliances, electronics, and glassware.

Design and technology: the process

One of a Key Stage 3 technology series, this book covers the programmes of study relating to the four-part design process outlined by the attainment targets. It includes the skills necessary for communicating design proposals, evaluating as a continuous and constructive activity, and the environmental...

Delivering the technology curriculum no. 3

The third in the annual series of collections of good practice in primary and secondary schools assembled by the Design and Technology Association. This is a range of reports by practising teachers, which will illuminate and inspire work in schools throughout Britain and beyond.

D&T challenges: teacher's resource 1, for year 7

This teacher's resource book supporting the 'Design and technology challenges 1 students' book' (red) for Key Stage 3, provides a complete resource for manageable implementation of the National Curriculum in Design and Technology (1995 Orders).

It forms part of the RCA Schools Technology Project Course for...

Computers in the fashion industry

This book presents a review of the computer systems that are to be found at all levels in the fashion industry. It is aimed at students on degree, BTEC and CGLI courses and will provide a reference source for industrialists and educationalists.

Computer studies: a first course

This widely used textbook explains how a computer is designed to perform its various functions and how the operator uses it to fulfil these functions. It includes a glossary of key words and end-of-chapter exercises to aid comprehension.

Colour in industrial design

Throughout the 1990s advances in ecological and design awareness, global communication, and colour perception will affect the uses of colour in industrial design.

Dale Russell, a leading expert on colour theory, discusses these uses and in case studies of several major companies, demonstrates different...

Collins GCSE CD&T: technology

Part of the CDT series, this book looks at designing, basic graphics, technology in society, principles in control, materials and their applications, energy, electronics, digital electronics, mechanics, pneumatics, structures and project work. 'Technology' offers options for project work and includes colour...


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