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Risk and probability

What do we mean when we talk about risk or probability? These articles help us to understand what is meant and show how important it is to understand the context and the data that underpin a study.

Unintended Consequences

Look at some examples of unintended consequences from the use of statistics, covering communication, miscalculation, sampling error and reporting risk.

Applying statistics

Statistical claims can be convincing, but these articles show how important it is to look deeper into the data to make decisions about the claims being made.

How science works

Science relies on using statistical processes to investigate phenomena. This primer explores the processes and explain why they are important.


A useful guide to presenting data

Chi squared worked example: vitamin C and colds

Practise a chi squared test using this worked example investigating if taking vitamin C affected people’s chances of getting colds

Different statistical tests

A helpful summary of the different statistical tests you need to know.

Invasion and infection

Why do we need an immune system and what protection does it give us?

Immunity and vaccination

How is a vaccine developed, what is in it and how does it work?

Immune system and pregnancy

Nine facts show how intricate the immune system is.


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