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Health and climate change - introduction

What do we know about climate change and the effects it will have?

Model organisms for genetics research

Learn how some organisms have become vital to research, understand the reasons and discuss the ethical considerations.

Linking genes and health

Understanding genes can help with the search for treatments and cures but can also help with understanding how diseases spread.

Ethical questions

We may have a lot of technology at our fingertips to help us understand genes and genomes. But when could use of, or access to, these data affect our human rights?

Genetics and you

Explore the human genome, learn about the importance of mitochondria and debate the ethics around mitochondrial donation.

Exploring genomes

Compare genomes of different organisms, get to grips with sequencing techniques, understanding the coding of genes, the importance of RNA

Ethical aspects of fat

Take a look at the summary evidence behind the use of palm oil, a fat tax and biofuels and debate the pros and cons.

Fat, nutrition and health

Fat is essential for a balanced diet – how do we process it, and what is the link with obesity?

Fat chemistry

Summary of the carbon bonds in fatty acids and triglycerides.

Fat at the cellular level

Lipids are essential components of membranes and even communication.


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