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This poster illustrates how biotechnology is used to develop new medicines, grow new tissues and organs, and genetic testing.

Stem Cell Research

This poster illustrates how to culture adult stem cells, embryonic stem cells and the process of therapeutic stem cell cloning.

Brine Date

With this resource, students develop observation skills by investigating the phenomenon of ‘mate-guarding’ in brine shrimp. Following a teacher-led discussion, students generate hypotheses. For example, one of the hypotheses may be that larger females pair with larger males.

These may be tested...

Level Descriptor for Key Stage Three Computing Students

A level descriptor for use with Key Stage Three computing students, appropriate for the new curriculum in September 2014. The resource comprises a set of level descriptors detailed in five strands: systems, development, programming, modelling and analysis. The descriptors are based on the Computing At School...

Python 3 Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet provides guidance to inexperienced Python programmers. It covers several of the most-used functions, operations and data types including:

• User interaction
• Boolean logic
• String handling and manipulation
• Assigning and using variables
• Loops
• Using simple...

What's the best course for me? Classroom poster

General careers poster with useful statistics relating to graduate careers.

Careers in pharmacology

Leaflet looks at the skills and aptitudes needed for careers in clinical and research pharmacology. Pharmacology career case studies are also included.

Linnean Society Posters

There are four posters in this resource covering the following areas of the biology curriculum:

Biodiversity: gives an overview of what biodiversity is, how it is measured and the threats to biodiversity

Classification: describes the main features of classification and the binomial system of...

Your Life Formula 100

This resource aims to raise awareness of the exciting and wide-ranging careers that studying mathematics and physics can lead to. The campaign objective is to significantly increase the number of students studying mathematics and physics at A level in the next three years.

The competition sets out to find...


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