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Air Pollution Infographic / Poster

A colourful, simple infographic explaining the questions behind air pollution: what is it? How does it affect us? What can we do about it?

Can be printed off to a larger size and used as part of a classroom display.

Vitamins and minerals

lesson on vitamins and minerals

Sensory words wall display

Words to print for a sensory wall display. 

Engineering chocolate

From EngineeringUK, this engaging poster looks at the food industry engineering careers involved in the production of chocolate. Short descriptions are given for the jobs of: chemical engineer, environmental engineer, packaging engineer and biochemical engineer.

Four lesson activities accompany the poster:...

Physics Equations Help Sheets

This has some slides with common equations from GCSE Physics & the AQA Science courses.

The apprentice

This Core Maths activity is based on the television programme ‘The Apprentice’ and was written by Core Maths students and their tutor. Examples of student work is also included.

The Apprentice: Guidance

The guide explains how the task was created and introduces the activity, including...

Biology Changing the World

This resource aimed at primary level, links to the topics of rocks and soils, evolution and the identification and classification of plants and animals. It tells the story of three great biologists: Mary Anning, C B Williams and ...

Concept Cartoons: Torches

This concept cartoon, provided by the Association for Science Education (ASE), focuses on light. Concept cartoons provide a new approach to teaching, learning and assessment in science, they feature cartoon-style drawings showing different characters arguing about everyday situations. They are designed to intrigue...

Renewable Energy Posters

From Practical Action, these posters show examples of how renewable energy sources are used in developing nations.

They show how mp3 players can be powered by solar photoelectric cells, small-scale hydroelectric in Kenya, a wind turbine and biogas digested in Nepal.

Top Ten Reasons Why Renewable Energy is Cool!

This poster from Practical Action has ten interesting and, in some cases, amusing facts that will appeal to students. The poster is high resolution and can be used for display.


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