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Electron Diffraction Tube

In this video, produced by the National STEM Learning Centre and Network and the Institute of Physics, Alom Shaha explains the elements of an electron diffraction tube and how to use one to demonstrate a diffraction pattern. The video is aimed at teachers but it could also be used with older students to...

Generating Resources

This collection of resources from the Association for Science Education (ASE) and produced by teachers using standard ICT packages, illustrate some of the ways that ICT can be used to enrich existing schemes of work.

A moment to learn: PowerPoint presentations to start and review the concept of moments,...

Function Machines

There are 10 questions on function machines in this Subtangent resource.

Questions increase in difficulty and offer students the opportunity to identify specific problem areas.

The test covers simple inputs and outputs from single and double function machines, as well as requiring students to...

Properties of Numbers

In this Subtangent resource there are 10 questions of increasing difficulty starting with factors and multiples. Square and triangular numbers LCMs and HCFs complete the topics.

Students are given four possible answers to choose from and a calculator is available for some of the questions.

There is an...

Pythagoras' Theorem

This Subtangent test on Pythagoras' theorem gives students the opportunity to practice all aspects of this topic.

Questions begin with simple calculations and progress to problems which are set in context as well as a complex 3-dimensional application.

An on screen calculator with root, square and...

Quadratics 1

This Subtangent test progresses from students identifying quadratic expressions, expanding brackets and factorising expressions to solving quadratic equations.

Students are given four possible answers to choose from and there is an opportunity to review their choices before submitting their final answers....

Episode 202: Forces in Equilibrium

Produced by the Institute of Physics, this learning episode contains demonstrations and practical activities through which students learn about the conditions for static equilibrium (excluding moments of forces).

Students look at:
• forces on a horizontal washing line with a weight in the middle...

Episode 207: Projectile Motion

This learning episode, from the Institute of Physics, looks at the independence of vertical and horizontal motion. The crucial concept is that vertical acceleration does not affect horizontal velocity. This explains all projectile motion.

There are a range of activities which include:
• demonstrating...

Episode 209: Drag, Air Resistance, Terminal Velocity

Produced by the Institute of Physics, this learning episode considers the forces acting on a falling body in air and moves on to related experimental work.

The activities include:
• demonstrating the motion of falling bodies
• understanding upthrust
• investigating air resistance using falling...

Episode 215: Forces on Vehicles

In this learning episode, from the Institute of Physics, students look at the forces involved when one vehicle impacts another object. This can be used to illustrate the forces, acceleration and deceleration involved. It considers the effect of the distance over which a force acts rather than the time of action of...


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