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Revised Nuffield Advanced Physics: Energy Sources: Data, References, and Readings

This booklet was compiled to support Unit G 'Energy Sources' in the Revised Nuffield Advanced Physics course. It included a limited number of tables of data. It also gave guidance on where to look for more data in the era before the Internet.


Revised Nuffield Advanced Physics: Particles, Imaging and Nuclei

Published by the Nuffield Foundation, the articles in this Revised Nuffield Advanced Physics reader are extended concepts covered in the course and examined developments in physics taking place in the 1980s.

*The particles and forces of nature

Nuffield Chemistry: Book of Data

This Nuffield Chemistry Data Book contains the following sections:

Section 1: Basic information
Table 1.1 Selected symbols and abbreviations
Table 1.2 Values of selected physical measurements
Table 1.3 The elements

Section 2: Masses, volume...


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