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Stem Cells and Diabetes

Produced in 2015, this resource looks at how stem cell research is moving towards a therapy for diabetes and uses case studies of real scientific data to exemplify current work in the field. The resource also highlights the inter-disciplinary, collaborative and international flavour of contemporary biomedical...

BRAF: from gene to cancer therapy

This film tells the story of how DNA sequencing was used to identify the gene BRAF. Clinical researcher Ultan McDermott tells the story of how scientists at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute discovered a specific mutation in the BRAF gene, which is found in around half of malignant melanoma cases. He...

KS2 + - Thames to tap

Ever thought about where you water comes from & how it gets to your taps? With the population of Victorian London growing water companies needed to construct a sophisticated network of pumps, pipes and filtration systems in order to deliver clean fresh drinking water. 

Use this...

adapted QMUL LEGO activities

Powerpoint containing selected images and activities from the QMUL resources. PLUS laminatable slides with baryon and meson 'grids' to allow building of particles by students. PLUS answers.

Standard Model Powerpoint

This is a Powerpoint designed for the first section of the new CfE Higher physics unit - Particles and Waves.

Universe Revision for CfE Higher Physics

Revision powerpoint including Big Bang Theory and expansion of universe, Hubble. With thanks to St Andrews Academy

CERN Introduction 2014

Powerpoint about the work of CERN based on our visit in September 2014



Here is a timelapse video of cress seedlings.

This is easy to set up using a cardboard box with strategically placed holes - one for a lamp opposite the cress and one for an iPad camera giving a side view of the cress. Use the iMotion App. This video took less then an hour to film at 1 frame every 3 minutes...

Radiotherapy Programmes

This is a series of photographs and information taken during a visit to Sheffield Hallam University training facility for health professionals.

It covers work linked to Triple Science, Radiaton and Medicine

ARES Space Talks

The Association of Retired ESA Staff (ARES) leaflets describe the ARES Space Talks presentations that are given to both primary and secondary schools and the top ten tips about careers in space 

Space is the topic to encourage, inspire and motivate young student to take up science subjects



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