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Quality assurance of teachers’ continuing professional development

Quality assurance of teachers’ continuing professional development’ looks at lessons from other quality assurance systems, and how they could be applied to teachers’ CPD in...

Developing great subject teaching

Developing great subject teaching’ finds that teachers are less likely to participate in subject-specific CPD than generic pedagogic CPD, even...


Explore the structure of lysozyme, and understand why protein folding is so important.

Defence and survival


Our immune system depends upon effective proteins, such as immunoglobulins and those involved in blood clotting. But proteins can also be agents of harm to our cells, including venom and prions, or provide potential medical therapies.


Proteins are involved in many complex systems – controlling our growth, hunger and sugar in our blood.


Explore enzymes from adenosine triphosphate synthase to enzymes specific to extremophiles, digestive enzymes and the role of immobilized enzymes.


Haemoglobin is a vital protein that transports oxygen around our bodies – how does it do this, and what role does the structure of proteins play in transport across cell membranes?

Structure and movement

All proteins have a similar basic repeated structure based on three amino acids. This article explores collagen, why we need proteins in our diet and the formation of microtubules.

Protrump cards

Our Protump cards are useful for learning about and comparing different proteins

Protein Synthesis

This poster explores the process of protein synthesis.


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