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Sticks and Stones Will Break My Bones

This resource by Pedagogics explores subtle adjustments to teacher's language in order to be less emotive, more objective-led and promote progress.

Key Teacher Attitudes

A presentation highlighting seven strategies for behaviour management.

Techniquest Glyndŵr support for STEM/Science Clubs


Techniquest Glyndŵr is able to deliver one-off support or a short series of visits to enhance school based After School Science or STEM Clubs.




Drawing upon its extensive range of educational shows, workshops and its extremely popular...

Stem Cells, Nanoparticles and Cell Imaging in Regenerative Medicine

Produced in 2015, these resources look at research involving the use of nanoparticles and fluorescent proteins to track transplanted stem cells in living organisms.

They can be used to tackle a range of topics in post-16 biology. These include:

*Working scientifically

*Stem cells and future...

Mass Spectroscopy

This resource looks at how cutting edge science is being used to answer archaeological questions, as well as solving present day problems, such as the identification of meat in processed foods. Analysis of mitochondrial DNA was performed, at the University of York, on samples from skeletal remains unearthed by the...

Solar System: Images of Individual Planets

From NASA, these high resolution images show separately the planets of our solar system. Images in this resource include: Sun, Earth, Moon, Mars, Venus, Neptune, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and the dwarf planet Pluto.

Let's negotiate

From Practical Action, this resource encourages students to look at how design specifications are balanced when developing new products.

Belief circles

From Practical Action and the Royal Academy of Engineering, this short starter activity helps students to think about their own values and those of their peers in relation to the sustainability of engineering. The activity encourages an awareness of the impact of engineering on the environment and sustainability....

Stem Cell Research Activity Pack


This Activity Pack aims to support teachers to communicate and engage students with stem cell research. It seeks to provide everything needed to prepare and deliver a student role-play activity centred on a Parliamentary Debate over...

Ethics Activity Pack


This Activity Pack uses a Runaway Train thought experiment (which is uses a modified version of the famous 'Trolley Problem') to communicate and engage students with different moral theories.



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