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ESO la Silla Observatory

Produced by the European Southern Observatory (ESO), this short video shows the observatory and work done at La Silla, Chile.

ESO’s La Silla Observatory celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2009. When it began operations, it was the largest astronomical observatory of its time, and it is still one of the...

Episode 9: The Siblings of Earth

Rebecca Barnes looks at two of the terrestrial planets: Venus and Mars, explores their similarities and differences to Earth and finds out about the European missions that are helping to unravel their mysteries.

Episode 8: The Sun, Our Local Star

Rebecca Barnes will investigate our closest star, the Sun, find out why it is the central engine of the Solar System and look at Ulysses, SOHO and Cluster, the European space missions that have been key to advancing our understanding of the Sun.

Episode 7: Exploring Our Backyard, the Solar System

Rebecca Barnes continues to journey through the wonders of modern astronomy bringing us closer to home as we begin to explore the Solar System. We'll discover the scale and structure of the Solar System, find out why we explore it and introduce the European missions launched on a quest to further investigate our...

Episode 6: Charting the Galaxy - from Hipparcos to Gaia

Rebecca Barnes discovers the motions of the stars, learns how astronomers measure their distances and looks at the new European mission that will really get to grips with our place in the Universe.

Episode 5: The Untamed, Violent Universe

Rebecca Barnes will give us a glimpse of the hot, energetic and often violent Universe revealed through X-ray and gamma-ray astronomy, look at ESA missions that detect this hidden light and find out how the science that these missions perform is meticulously planned.

Episode 4: Following the Redshift - from HST to JWST

Rebecca Barnes will identify some of the key discoveries achieved with the famous Hubble Space Telescope, look at the concept of redshift, and meet a new telescope that will be used to uncover the early Universe.

Episode 3: Exploring the Infrared Universe

Rebecca Barnes investigates the infrared Universe, explores discoveries made by ground-breaking infrared space telescopes, and takes a look at Herschel - ESA's pioneering infrared space telescope.

Episode 2: Planck - Looking Back to the Dawn of Time

Rebecca Barnes takes a close look at Planck - a European Space Agency mission built to detect radiation from the microwave portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. This mission will help find answers to some of the most important questions in modern science.

Episode 11: Chasing Comets

Rebecca Barnes investigates comets and asteroids. She finds out about Giotto and its journey to Halley’s comet and the Rosetta mission to Comet 67P, via two asteroids.


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