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Fat chemistry

Summary of the carbon bonds in fatty acids and triglycerides.

Fat at the cellular level

Lipids are essential components of membranes and even communication.

Essential fat facts

We need fats to stay alive. Explore the role of fat (lipids) in our bodies and the link with vitamins.

The story of pharma

These articles look at the history and development of drug making, and what has been learned by scientists on the way

What do drugs do

How do drugs work, what do they target in our cells, and how does understanding this enable us to find other agents to combat disease?

Making a drug

Find out how drugs are made, tested and trialled. Learn about the role of technology and simulation in drug making.

Health and safety

How can we be sure drugs and treatments are safe? Explore how drugs are tested and consider the ethical questions that are raised when tests fail.

Using imaging to understand the brain

Learn about the different imaging techniques used to support research and diagnosis of disease.

Learning about the brain from medical history

Medical case studies help neuroscientists understand how our brains work.


What happens when the myelin sheath is damaged or compromised?


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