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Number Crunching

This edition of Big Picture entitled Number Crunching, has a number of articles explaining how statistics help us understand the world.

Vital statistics contains a series of thought provoking numbers from around the world such as the number of photos on Facebook and the number of worldwide...

STEM Learning magazine: primary - summer 2016

This STEM Learning magazine aimed at all primary teachers contains articles devoted to teaching science, mathematics, design and technology and computing at primary level. Articles include: 

  • What does primary STEM look like?
  • Taking the next step in coding
  • Could the...

STEM Learning Magazine: Post-16 and FE - Summer 2016

Pioneering technical services are explored in the cover article of the summer issue of STEM Learning Magazine for Post-16 and FE sectors. Other articles describe changes to A levels and GCSEs,  provide advice on conducting A level biology practicals, and look into investigating radiation levels from space. There is...


This is a series of interactive excel sheets that look at histograms.

The first sheet contains a histogram displaying a summary of time spent travelling to work. A new set of data can be generated at the click of a button. Alongside the graph tables calculating class width and frequency density can be...

Card Tricks with Maths

Card Tricks. Ten kits of a pupil challenge to discover how two card tricks work. Kits are available in Coventry and Warwickshire or by arrangeent. Slides available for download free.

Two card tricks that requrie maths to explain. Even primary school pupils understood the algebra!



iSquared Magazine Issue 6

This edition of iSquared magazine features:

The shape of time - Vérinique Pagé explains how Einstein’s theories of relatively completely altered our view of space and time and gave us the tools to understand the shape of our universe. ...

iSquared Magazine Issue 5

This edition of iSquared magazine features:

The mathematical origins of string theory - Andrew Dalrymple tells the story of how one of the most promising candidates for a “theory of everything” developed from the discovery of an application for a 200 year old...

Number Stairs

This Subtangent investigation looks at the total of the squares inside a stair shape.

Initially students investigate the relationship of the totals of a three step stair and its position on a 10 by 10 grid.

Using algebra, students may discover a general rule which applies to any stair on the grid....

Loopy Snooker

A special snooker table is the basis for this investigation from Subtangent. There are only four pockets on the table and you can only play the ball at 450 to the sides of the table. The ball begins from a given corner of the table and keeps moving until it hits a pocket. The number of bounces is...


The frogs in this Subtangent investigation have to be moved from one set of lily pads to another, following specific rules. This classic investigation is suitable for a wide age range of students. The number of frogs on each side can be varied, allowing further investigation and generalisations for the number of...


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