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Changes in Plumage in Canada Goose Goslings

This resource pack from Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB) focuses on the role of judgment in animal behaviour studies. It consists of:

*background information for teachers

* images of Canada goose goslings at various stages of development and images of seven of the behaviours of...

Geometric Series

This excel file allows students to explore the successive terms of a Geometric Series. The first term and the common ratio can be altered and the successive terms and sum of the series shown on bar charts. The formula for the sum of a Geometric Series is derived and the...

Pascal's Triangle: Coins and nCr

This excel file shows how Pascal's triangle can be used to calculate probabilities. Separate sheets show the possible outcomes when different numbers of coins are tossed. With the smaller number of coins these outcomes are listed.


Trigonometric Graphs

This resource contains two interactive excel files dealing with the graphs of trigonometric functions.

Trigonometry: X=cos, Y=sin...


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