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Getting started with interactive geometry software: geometer's sketchpad

This book is about learning how to use Geometer's Sketchpad and how to create interactive files.

It includes two kinds of activities:

  • Detailed worked examples with step-by-step instructions for using key techniques.
  • More open This This activities invite you to apply techniques and...


'Wired' is the magazine about what's next – bringing readers the people, the trends and the big ideas that will change our lives.

Each month, through thought-provoking features and stunning photography, readers will explore the next big ideas in science, culture, business – wherever innovation and new...

Computer science education: perspectives on teaching and learning in school


Drawing together the most up-to-date research from experts all across the world, Computer Science Education provides full, current coverage of a teaching subject that's still...

Robots: from science fiction to technological revolution

 from science fiction to technological revolution


Robots of all shapes, forms and functions are presented in this comprehensive but difficult-to-read work, which traces the evolution of robots-from the hydro-powered...

More teaching, learning and mathematics with I.C.T


This book contains a compilation of articles from "Micromath", a journal of The Association of Teachers of Mathematics. The articles were published between Spring 1995 and Winter 1999. The...

Technology for tomorrow

Image result for Technology for tomorrow williams


This book can help students acquire a background and perspective on the technologies within which they eventually will live and work. This...

Network analysis and synthesis

This book is an introduction to the study of electric network based upon a system theoretic approach. In contrast to many present textbooks, the emphasis is not on the form and structure of a network but rather on its excitation-response properties. In other words, the major theme is concerned with how a linear...

Introduction to computer simulation: a system dynamics modeling approach

 a system dynamics modeling approach


Simulation as an aid to solving problems has been a powerful tool for centuries.  With the advent of inexpensive microcomputers, this toll is within...

Elements of BASIC

This book introduces the computer language BASIC; covering the mathematical, non-numeric and data-processing facilities. Where possible the text is machine independence although supplements are included to show variations in a number of manufacturer's implementations.

Once upon an algorithm: how stories explain computing


How Hansel and Gretel, Sherlock Holmes, the movie Groundhog Day, Harry Potter, and other familiar stories illustrate the concepts of computing. Picture a computer scientist, staring at a...


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