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Seeing Temperatures

This activity allows students to investigate how images are produced from data streams by using first a spreadsheet and then an image-processing program. They then go on to see how the usefulness of such a monochromatic image may be enhanced by using lookup tables and calibration. The materials used focus on the...

Scratch for sensing and control

This resource gives examples of Scratch 2 sensing data from Vernier USB temperature and motion sensors. Using a £10 BLE dongle it also communicates wirelessly with devices including the TI Sensor Tag2, the BBC micro:bit and the Ollie robotic toy. Scratch can be used offline or run through the Chrome browser.

Building Images

In this activity, students create colour images from satellite data. This allows them to study how different surfaces reflect different wavelengths of light, how coloured images are created using an RGB model, and how band combinations can be chosen to examine a particular landscape effectively.

Climate Change - Who Is in Control?

Produced by Practical Action, this role play activity activity helps students explore who should take responsibility for reducing the effects of climate change.

Students use role play involving different perspectives to promote discussion and debate. Designed to take place over two to three lessons, the...

Secondary British Science Week Activity Pack 2017

This resource pack aims to be your ‘one-stop-shop’ for supporting you and your secondary school during British Science Week (BSW), but can be used at any time. Feel free to adapt or extend the activities to suit your students’ needs and the curriculum you are delivering. 


New Vaccines Workshop

These cross-curricular activities, from Centre of the Cell, introduce the concept of vaccination and why it only protects the population if most people are vaccinated. They show how early vaccination was tested and discuss the role of informed consent in Clinical Research. Students learn about the process of...

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