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The X2 Test

The unit from the Continuing Mathematics Project focuses on the x2 test as it is one of the most widely used statistical techniques. It is employed to compare theory with practice in biology, geography and the social sciences.

This unit is concerned with the practicalities of using the x2...

Transformation of Formulae

Transformation of Formulae from the Continuing Mathematics Project builds on the work covered in the unit entitled Working with Ratios.

The objectives of this unit are to enable students to acquire the skills necessary to transform formulae which involve algebraical fractions, brackets, and roots, as well as...

Using Logarithms to Determine Relationships

This unit from the Continuing Mathematics Project goes into detail on how logarithms can be used to determine the laws which connect two variables on which experimental data has been collected. The unit follows naturally from the unit entitled The Theory of Logarithms.

The objectives of the unit are that...

Working with Ratios

This unit from the Continuing Mathematics Project is designed to enable students to cope confidently with expressions of the type A/B= C/D, where A, B, C and D, may be integers or algebraic products like mv2 or functions like log x, or sin y.

So equipped, students will be...

Motivating A-Level Mathematics

Produced by the Spode Group, this resource illustrates many applications of topics in A-level mathematics. The book is divided into four chapters. Each chapter contains a number of case studies. Each case study is divided into an introductory problem statement, solution and further exercises.


Realistic Applications in Mechanics

Produced by the Spode Group with the intention of providing a collection of applications for teachers and students to be able to appreciate relevant uses of mechanics.

The applications include:
*N men in a boat - components and moment forces
*High jump techniques - projectiles, impulse, centre of...

Solving Real Problems with Mathematics Volume 2

Volume two of two publications produced by the Spode Group with the aim of providing a useful set of examples that are convincing applications of mathematics and applications which can be taught in schools.

This volume contains case studies with three distinct components: problem statement, teaching notes...

Practical Statistics

This resource provides a large number of practical statistical activities to find a statistical model to fit a particular situation and is designed for use in the A-level classroom.

The first chapter contains an overview of basic statistical techniques such as collecting and organising data. Different...

Exercises in Modern Mathematics

This resource consists of ten topics, each section containing a brief explanation, examples and exercises.

Sets begins with a definition of a set and continues with the elements of a set, set notation, subsets, intersection and union of sets, Venn diagrams, the laws of sets and concludes...

Guides to Assessment in Education: Mathematics

Teachers make assessments all the time for a whole variety of reasons. Assessment is essential to teaching. It has to be acknowledged that although getting to know students thoroughly is part of a teacher's expected load, assessment does represent a noticeable burden. Above all, the report tries to emphasize...


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