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Transferable Skills

This activity is about helping young people understand that different forms of work often have a lot in common and call for very similar skills (and personal qualities). As such, many of the skills people acquire in a job are transferable to other forms of employment.

Personal Qualities and Skills - Level One

This is a paper-based activity to help young people explore and understand the difference between qualities and skills in general terms and in a reflective way about themselves now and into the future. 

Make a Difference posters

The Make a Difference with a Career in Biology posters highlight the wide range of career paths that biologists can take.

This careers resource was jointly developed by the Biochemical Society, British Ecological Society, British Pharmacological Society, Microbiology Society, Society for Experimental Biology...

Case Study: Landbased Technology

Produced for Future Morph, this short video shows the activities of a student studying a National Diploma in Land Based Technology at Bicton College. The student describes how the course develops skills in the maintenance and repair of machinery such as tractors, commercial vehicles and other agricultural...

Silent Signal: Exploring Biomedical Science

These resources were developed to compliment the award winning Silent Signal project, funding by the Wellcome Trust and Garfield Weston Foundation. They include interactive lesson plans that explore the societal, ethical, and cultural aspects of biomedical science including immunology, infections, genetics,...

Chemistry: more than just white coats

This presentation highlights the career opportunities available to those with a chemistry qualification.

Liza Brooks: Technical Director (True Snowboards)

In this video, Liza Brooks describes how she became a world expert in snowboard design and technology and the Technical Director of True Snowboards Ltd. Liza describes her interest in science and design technology at school and how failing her AS level subjects led her to study for a National Diploma...

Exploring Physics: Uncovering Choice

From the Institute of Physics, this pack of activities aims to encourage teachers to work together in providing a consistent approach to careers advice and guidance. It will also help teachers to build on their own knowledge of physics-based careers and, in turn, help students to make informed choices based on...

Want to Do Something Different?

Produced by the Gender Equality and Race Inclusion (GERI) project, this teacher guidance and classroom activities outline a process that encourages young people to explore, in a comprehensive and constructive way, those jobs usually done by members of the opposite sex. Case studies and activities look at various...

Gender and Cultural Awareness in Engineering Outreach

This London Engineering Project paper, from the Royal Academy of Engineering, describes the processes and practices for developing gender neutral and culturally appropriate engineering activities in schools.

The project activities include gender awareness training for fieldworkers, STEM ambassadors and line...


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