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Air Pollution Infographic / Poster

A colourful, simple infographic explaining the questions behind air pollution: what is it? How does it affect us? What can we do about it?

Can be printed off to a larger size and used as part of a classroom display.

Project ENTHUSE: why your business should go back to school: how you can inspire the next STEM generation

This guidance is aimed at businesses and other organisations looking to provide support and inspiration for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in schools.  It is based on consultation with teachers, further developed through debate between teachers, businesses and learned societies.  Teachers...

Liza Brooks: Technical Director (True Snowboards)

In this video, Liza Brooks describes how she became a world expert in snowboard design and technology and the Technical Director of True Snowboards Ltd. Liza describes her interest in science and design technology at school and how failing her AS level subjects led her to study for a National Diploma...

Location, Location, Location (Key Stage Two)

This cross curricular resource, aimed at Key Stage Two, contains activities which link strongly to mathematics, geography and English. It uses the context of the BLOODHOUND SSC land speed attempt as a context for teaching about speed and challenging children to find a suitable geographical location for the record...

Rockets (Key Stage Two)

These materials, aimed at Key Stage Two, use the BLOODHOUND world land speed record attempt as a context for teaching the irreversible changes that occur and forces that are produced by BLOODHOUND SSC’s rocket engine.

Activities aim to develop skills of scientific enquiry through planning and carrying out...

Forces (Key Stage Two)

These materials, aimed at Key Stage Two, use the BLOODHOUND world land speed record attempt as a context for teaching about forces - in particular, driving force, friction and air resistance.

Activities include an investigation into the factors which affect the effectiveness of parachutes and a computer...

Want to Do Something Different?

Produced by the Gender Equality and Race Inclusion (GERI) project, this teacher guidance and classroom activities outline a process that encourages young people to explore, in a comprehensive and constructive way, those jobs usually done by members of the opposite sex. Case studies and activities look at various...

Leading Practice: Videos

From the SSAT STEM Pathfinder programme, four videos exemplifying leading practice in STEM: What is STEM?, Raising attainment through STEM, STEM and external partners, and STEM ways of working. A transcript is provided for each video.

John Gray

This STEMNET resource introduces John Gray who is a specialist engineer for the BBC. His role is crucial in ensuring that the programme production system used by local radio stations across England works properly.

John was at university studying for a degree in Computational Physics when he first worked for...

Case Study: Plumbing

Produced for Future Morph, this resource contains a video in which an apprentice plumber talks about his work in a renewable energy company installing solar water panels. The theory and practicals he learns in college is applied in the workplace.

A second activity looks at a demonstration that illustrates...


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