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Stephanie Kwolek - Polymer Chemist

Stephanie Kwolek invented the tough polymer Kevlar, used in protective clothing and developed a method for demonstrating the production of nylon in the classroom which is still used today.

The article is from Catalyst: Secondary Science Review 2014, Volume 25, Issue 1.



A Catalyst article describing how new materials can be designed by studying natural materials and how they work. In particular the development of Velcro, military fabric, swimwear and waterproofing is looked at. These products were developed by scientific study of natural products such as plant burrs, pinecones,...

Mind the Gap (Spring 2013)

This edition of the Computing at School newsletter contains articles covering:

*Increasing the number of girls studying computing

*Inclusion in computing

*Network of Excellence and CAS Hubs

*Learning about programming through knitting

*Programming with GameMaker


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