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Normalisation of floating point binary numbers

Normalisation of floating point binary numbers is usually a topic where students require practice. This pair of documents explain the technique and then provide a set of questions with answers for independent working.

Floating point binary representation worksheet

A student worksheet with answers covering the topic of floating point binary representation. It contains answers so can be used for independent study.

Binary, decimal, hexadecimal conversion activity

Students always need practice in number system conversion. This resource gives them instant feedback and allows them to progress from conversion to binary addition. This would make an ideal homework activity. the file is a macro enabled worksheet and can be downloaded from the zip file.


Mathematics for A level computer science

This is a great resource for providing underpinning mathematical knowledge for A level computer science. It is broken down into topics so could be used in small sessions to reinforce understanding. Set theory, numbers, cardinality, cartesian product, regular expressions, vectors and dot product, functions and Big O...

The red black mind meld

A fun introduction to algebra within computer science via the medium of a card trick. This resource is part of the CS4FN series from Queen Mary, University of London. The resource consists of an introductory presentation and accompanying activity sheet for students.

Teaching TCP/IP

Using analogies to teach the topic of the TCP/IP networking is often a very useful strategy. This Computing at School community resource consist of three documents. The first provides a theory overview of the communication process. The second provides a range of links and activities, although some are aimed at...

Networks and the internet

Students would find this Computing at School community resource useful as a revision resource for the topics of networks and the internet. It is suitable to be issued as a sequence of homework tasks.

Raspberry Pi recipe card -operating systems

This document introduces students to the Linux operating system by allowing them to learn and use a number of shell commands using a Raspberry Pi computer. Activities allow them to gain an understanding of how resources are managed and levels of access controlled.

Little Man Computer - understanding compilers and interpreters

This resource from CAS London is a reference guide to compilers, interpreters and assemblers. It could be used as a revision summary for students or as a reference for questions.

Operating systems -12 lectures

This is a very comprehensive resource from the University of Cambridge detailing the main functions of generic operating systems. It could be used as a reference or basis for a comprehension question sheet or preparing model answers for examination questions. Students will also see links with other topics such as...


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