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Dr Mark's STEM Investigation Activities e-Book

A selection of 60 FREE fun and novel Science & Maths activities and investigations to have a go at - about half are Science and half are Maths - either in class, at home or in STEM clubs. The FREE e-book contains about 200 or so pages of detailed instructions, which are all drawn from Dr Mark's retail...

The Alan Turing Cryptography Competition

Starting in January, the competition follows the story of two young cipher sleuths, Mike and Ellie, as they get caught up in a cryptographic adventure. Every week or two weeks a new chapter of the story is released with a code to crack. 

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Google science fair


Global competition in which students submit their research projects.

Mathematical challenge

The competition is for Scottish schools and is divided into four divisions: Primary (P7), Junior (S1 and S2), Middle (S3 and S4), and Senior (S5 and S6).  Each year there are two rounds of problems for Secondary schools and three rounds for Primary schools.

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LMS Open Challenge


Students are challenged to solve mathematical questions usually centred around a particular theme.

Maths in motion challenge

Using tried and tested ‘Cloud’ based software that simulates the setting up of a racing car, students, working in small teams, complete a series of STEM relevant tasks in an effort to produce the perfect car. This ‘virtual’ car is then entered into a competitive race in the hope of winning it. The Challenge also...

F1 in Schools technology challenge

In teams of 3-6, students aged 9-19 design, build and race model formula one cars powered by a compressed air cylinder.

The challenge inspires students to use IT to learn about physics, aerodynamics, design, manufacture, branding, graphics, sponsorship, marketing, leadership/teamwork, media skills and...

British Mathematical Olympiad

An international mathematics competition which entails solving a number of problems under examination conditions. Prizes are awarded for the best entries; candidates will have completed 3 full years of full-time secondary education in the UK by the time they leave school.



Maths snapshots

This collection includes ACME's series of short briefing papers, called Maths Snapshots, which set out what ACME believe are some of the key issues in mathematics education, identifying challenges and opportunities and providing policy advice on how to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.


Promoting Core Maths: background, evidence, plans, opportunities and challenges

This article, by Professor Paul Glaister, University of Reading,  discusses some of the issues relating to the promotion of Core Maths to students, parents, schools and colleges and their senior leadership teams, and also to employers and higher education (HE). It considers the educational landscape prior to the...


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