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Stem Cell Research

This poster illustrates how to culture adult stem cells, embryonic stem cells and the process of therapeutic stem cell cloning.

Polymerase Chain Reaction

This poster illustrates the stages of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and the uses of this in cancer research, tissue matching, forensic medicine, infection detection and genetic testing.

The X Bacteria

In this practical protocol students investigate one way in which bacteria acquire antibiotic resistance through conjugation - horizontal gene transfer from one bacterial strain or species to another.

Plasmid-mediated evolution is fast because whole functional ‘modules’ are lost and gained, rather than the...

Careers in pharmacology

Leaflet looks at the skills and aptitudes needed for careers in clinical and research pharmacology. Pharmacology career case studies are also included.

Gene technologies article

This resource looks at the development of genetic modification, genome editing and CRISPR, and where these technologies might lead. 

New genetic engineering technologies offer exciting opportunities to speed up the traditional plant breeding process and generate high-yielding, disease-resistant, climate...

Linnean Society Posters

There are four posters in this resource covering the following areas of the biology curriculum:

Biodiversity: gives an overview of what biodiversity is, how it is measured and the threats to biodiversity

Classification: describes the main features of classification and the binomial system of...

Immune System

This resource looks at several aspects of the immune system including:

• The non-specific immune response
• Specific immune response and antigen recognition
• T cells and B cells
• Autoimmune disease and allergic responses
• Monoclonal antibodies
• Long term immunity and...

Your Life Formula 100

This resource aims to raise awareness of the exciting and wide-ranging careers that studying mathematics and physics can lead to. The campaign objective is to significantly increase the number of students studying mathematics and physics at A level in the next three years.

The competition sets out to find...

KS3 - Locomotive

In 1804 Scottish born Richard Trevithick invented the first working Steam Locomotive, initially used to transport resources. Trevithick's invention sparked a number of steam related transportation inventions, including George Stephenson infamous Rocket, the first passenger Steam Locomotive.

Use this...

KS2 + - Thames to tap

Ever thought about where you water comes from & how it gets to your taps? With the population of Victorian London growing water companies needed to construct a sophisticated network of pumps, pipes and filtration systems in order to deliver clean fresh drinking water. 

Use this...


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