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10 best teaching practices: how brain research, learning styles and standards define teaching competancies

Explains the  importance of an enriched and emotionally supportive climate, a wide repertoire of teaching techniques,  critical element of connections or transfers in learning,  role of memory in making learning more meaningful, motivating, and challenging work.

Seven C's of positive behaviour management

In this 'at a glance' guide, Sue Cowley introduces teachers to the key principles of Positive Behaviour Management - her 'Seven C's'. This book offers practical and realistic strategies that you can use to improve behaviour in your classroom and your school - immediately. Whatever age group you teach, her ideas...

P scales: english, mathematics and science level descriptors P1 to P8

The use of performance scales (P scales) is statutory when reporting attainment for pupils with special educational needs who are working below level 1 of the national curriculum.

P scales are used at the end of key stage 1, key stage 2 and key stage 3...

Education Act 1944: with explanatory notes

The Education Act of 1944 was steered through Parliament by the Education Minister, R.A. Butler, and was followed by a similar Act for Scotland in 1945. The Act provided free secondary education for all pupils.

You know the fair rule: effective behaviour management in schools

You Know the Fair Rule is a comprehensive, practical, and realistic guide to effective practice. The skills and approaches outlined are derived from Roger's work in schools as a consultant and from his mentor-teaching in challenging schools.

This is a major revision of the second edition and covers:...

Using assembly language

A revised edition on assembly language use, covering the most recent release of Microsoft's Macro Assembler and Borland's Turbo Assembler. The book explains how to incorporate efficient assembly language code into high-level language applications and describes DOS/BIOS services.

Thinkers on education: volume 1

When people speak of the founders of education, they often have in mind only the thinkers and pedagogues who have devoted themselves to education at the exclusion of all else. Yet philosophers, sociologists, scientists, etc, of every period and culture, have had much to say on the subject.

This text, the...

Teacher's toolkit volume 1: promoting variety, engagement and motivation in the classroom

Presents a variety of learning activities, lesson plans, and audit tools.

STEM shift: a guide for school leaders

All you need to make the shift to STEM a reality. Now more than ever, educational leaders are encouraged to implement STEM as the foundation for preparing students with the 21st century skills required for college and career readiness.

This resource makes the process of shifting to a comprehensive,...

Royal horticultural society gardeners' encyclopaedia of plants and flowers

This detailed reference work provides gardeners with over 4000 photographs of individual plants, and diagrams showing each plant's shape and height at maturity. The author provides additional information about various species' cultivation, propagation, pruning and use in the garden.

The book begins with a...


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