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Mike Lawton - CEO of Oxford Space Systems

Mike is part of a space engineering company building a new series of very low mass foldable structures and antennas for satellites.  Oxford Space Systems are also working on constellations of satellites that will provide real time imaging from space. 

There are two cuts of the video – one aimed at primary...

Matt and Ellie - Apprentices at Airbus

Matt and Ellie build satellites.  They work in a clean room environment to help to construct and test satellites.  Matt and Ellie are both on an apprenticeship scheme with Airbus Defence and Space. 

There are two cuts of the video – one aimed at primary aged children, and one for secondary.


Libby Jackson - Human Spaceflight and Microgravity Programme Manager

Libby works at the UK Space Agency, in Swindon.  She works with scientists and industry to ensure that they can run experiments on the International Space Station.  Libby works alongside astronauts who will be running the experiments on the space station.  She leads a team to ensure that research can be performed...

Karsten Spaans - Scientific Researcher

Karsten works at the University of Leeds as a scientific researcher, in the School of Earth and Environment.  He uses images taken by satellites to look the movement of structures such as railways, roads and gas lines.  He also examines the movement of the Earth due to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. ...

Joanne Wheeler - Space Lawyer

Joanne uses her skills and knowledge to advise satellite operators on the legal aspects of launching and operating a satellite in space.  With the growth of more commercial satellite companies there is a demand for more lawyers to advise and write the rules governing space activities across the globe. 


Chris Toth - Facilities Scientist

Chris is based at Boulby Underground Laboratory.  The laboratory is in Boulby Mine – the deepest mine in the UK.  The lab is in a salt layer over 1km deep underground, which means that it is in a very low radiation environment.  This location is ideal for performing experiments on dark matter and in astrobiology. ...

Charles Cockell - Professor of Astrobiology

Charles is investigating whether there is life on other planets.  He studies life in extreme environments, such as in volcanoes or on the International Space Station.  He studied biochemistry at university and went on to study astrobiology and the possibility of life on other planets. 

There are two cuts of...

Engineering Careers - Principal Engineer

In this inspiring video, John Eldridge who is a Principal Engineer explains why curiosity is so important when it comes to STEM skills.  He also discusses that this job is being involved with some of the biggest machines on Earth and the varied routes you can take to get into engineering.


Engineering Careers - Mechanical Design Engineer

In this video Sam Creed discusses how playing with Lego in his youth sparked his interest in engineering and how those skills and experiences still apply in his role today.  He also touches upon problem solving and how building 'big robots' can be really satisfying.  


Magnetic Earth

This AstroPi resource helps secondary school students investigate the magnetic field of the Earth. The series of activities develops from basic principles of magnetism through to some understanding of the nature and cause of the Earth's magnetism.

The guide links to several other eLibrary resources and a...


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