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Clever sprites: how do computer characters find their way around

In this activity  students experiment with a programme containing a path-finding algorithm. they look at the use of messaging in the programme and record how the length of time an algorithm takes to run is affected by changing the starting conditions.

Comparing super villains: using spreadsheets to make comparisons

There are three parts to this activity:

(A) Students use a comparison table to sort data and make charts about super villains.

(B) They make their own comparison table and charts.

(C) They turn their comparison table into a weighted table.

Friendly databases: what sort of databases do social networking sites use?

In this activity students explore how social networking websites use huge databases. Students create tables for two aspects – user information and another of their own choice. They then discuss how social networking sites use relational databases and explore how their simple tables might be joined up.

Exploding cells

Students observe what happens to blood added to salt solutions of different concentrations. This is done in test tubes, although it may also be possible to observe what happens under a microscope. The students record their observations and attempt to explain what has happened to the red blood cells. They then...

STEM enrichment

These four resources co-produced by STEM Learning and the Museum of Science and industry introduce teachers and STEM Ambassadors to a variety of  STEM Ambassador activities.  All of the activities include a separate guide to the activity for both  the teacher and the STEM Ambassador.

In the hot seat...

Real life maths - Anna Fraszczyk

STEM Ambassador Anna Fraszczyk is a Newcastle University researcher for NewRail. Her role involves supporting the teaching and learning activities at NewRail by mentoring students, engaging with stakeholders (people who own or have invested in the company) and organising and coordinating...

Real life maths - Sayara Beg

Sayara Beg is a Data Scientist and STEM Ambassador. Her role involves project management (monitoring all aspects of a project, from the initial planning to the very end, to ensure it runs efficiently and achieves what it set out to do) and statistical analysis.

In this challenge students will explore...

Real life maths - Roma Agrawal

Roma Agrawal is an Associate Structural Engineer at engineering company WSP. She is responsible for making buildings and bridges stand up.

In this resource students explore how to protect tall buildings from the wind force that acts on them. Students...

Real life maths - Karen Dawe

Dr Karen Dawe is a STEM Ambassador and Research Associate for ALSPAC (Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children aka 'children of the 90's'). She is in charge of data quality for the ‘Focus on Mothers’ clinic which is gathering data on the mums of the ‘children of the 90s’. She writes...

Real life maths - Mel Watson

Mel Watson is a Biomedical Scientist at the University Hospitals Bristol Foundation NHS Trust and a STEM Ambassador. Her area of specialism is Haematology – the study of blood cells. She is responsible for ensuring accurate and quality assured diagnostic reports from biological specimens,...


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