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Deciding Destinations KS5

The premise of this activity is that the school is sending a rover to Mars. Its mission is to search for evidence that life has ever existed there. It is the job of the class to decide where the rover should land on Mars. They will do this by working in groups and investigating six potential landing sites and...

UTOPIAE - CPD for Advanced Higher Physics/Maths teachers

UTOPIAE presents two...

Pi Day - Calculating Pi using geometry

A walk through of calculating Pi using polygons. Suitable for any students who have had an introduction to the Cosine Rule and can rearrange an equation. Contextualised by retro computer game graphics.

Cartesian components of vectors

This resource from Mathcentre explores vectors in two and three-dimensions, how to calculate the length of a position vector and the angle between a position vector and an x axis. After reading through the text and completed the exercise questions, students should be able to: 

  • coordinate unit vectors in...

Spreadsheet tutorials

This series of spreadsheet tutorials for excel 10, from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, work through a range of spreadsheet functions that can be used when analysing data.

Each tutorial contains detailed instructions and a series of exercises to work through. The tutorials start with some of the more...

Let me get this straight

Scientists at the University of Oxford often use mathematical modelling as a key part of their research.  Modelling how information travels through social media sites is a part of understanding ways to analyse and potentially reduce the spread of misinformation.

This activity looks at how to transform non-...

Fermi problems: the top-notch burger joint

This question asks us to consider a person opening a burger bar, doing all of the cooking themselves, and then estimate how much space should they rent?

The main topics required are rates (number of burgers per hour that one person could cook, number of customers per hour), and areas. 


Body surface area

This resource introduces the formulae for the surface areas of cylinders, cones and spheres. Students are asked to use these to model parts of the body and calculate an estimate of their own body's surface area. Two formulae used in medicine for...

Body mass index (BMI)

This Core Maths task involves substituting values into the BMI formula in order to make health decisions.

An introductory worksheet gives the height and mass of four people so that their BMI can be calculated and appropriate advice given. A further worksheet and excel file shows ...

Playing with Lego - SwedeBuild (linear programming)

This resource invites students to investigate how many tables and chairs in a new range of dining furniture should be made in order to get the greatest profit. Topics covered include modeling, forming equations, graphing solutions and linear programming.

The resource includes a presentation, student...


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