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In these AMP resources, co-funded by the Clothworkers and Nuffield Foundation, students investigate making different symmetrical shapes, using one or more of three given shapes. Students will work logically, identifying and classifying patterns making general statements.

The key processes are:



This Cre8ate maths resource looks at challenges derived from printing processes where both logic and geometric thinking are required. In Folding booklets students are given a piece of A4 paper which they fold to form a 16 page booklet and, without cutting the folds in the paper, are challenged to number the pages...

Mission to Mars

This resource was funded by the Spacelink Learning Foundation and written by Sheffield Hallam University. It is aimed at students between 11 and 14 years of age. The resource is based around the Beagle 2 mission to Mars. The students have five main tasks: • Work in a team to prepare a short drama about the plight...


In this resource students will carry out experiments with prisms, polarising film and 3D cinema glasses to explain some of the interesting properties of light and their applications.

Curriculum links include refractive index, total internal reflection, polarisation


This resource, from the Maths Careers website, explores fractal geometry and was created in conjunction with More Maths Grads and the University of Leeds.

The activity involves making paper representations of fractals and gives the opportunity to investigate some of their mathematical properties.



This resource from Defence Dynamics looks at the military’s historical (and current) use of constructions and mathematical accuracy in warfare and peacetime defence. Students are asked to draw constructions to represent how the military target hostile forces, stressing the importance of accuracy in calculations...


These resources have been provided by Mathematical Education on Merseyside who have been running Challenge and Senior Challenge, take-home competitions for February half term, since the late 1970s. The Challenge is aimed at students in Years Seven and Eight. Each challenge consists of about eight questions, with...


Using this resource, from Defence Dynamics, students work as the Operations Team for a Royal Air Force (RAF) squadron on Quick Reaction Alert (QRA).

Presented with a series of imaginary scenarios, students have to review and plan routes for a number of aircraft facing different crises.

The lesson aims...

You Reckon?

In this activity students are introduced the idea of Plausible Estimation (PE). PE underpins major decisions made in private and public lives. PE tasks allow students to appreciate how powerful simple mathematics can be when making decisions about important topics by solving problems faced by aid agencies,...

Youth Hostel

In this Bowland assessment task, students are required to allocate dormitories at a Youth Hostel for a given number of boys, girls and adults given certain constraints. Suitable methods of displaying the information are to be designed, a systematic method employed in order to check that all the conditions have been...


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