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Ski Jacket Thermal Insulation Simulator

This is a simple simulator in which pupils can investigate the effectiveness of a ski jacket.  Pupils can alter various parameters and see what the effects are.  The simulator also brings into view the competing design parameters - lots of insulation will keep the skier warmer - but may well restrict movement....

2 by infinity workshop

Here are all the slides from the workshop at the STEM Primary Conference on June 29.

Many thanks to those who came along. Please use as you wish.

Stay-the-same numbers

A litte oral / visual activity that may be done whole class, small groups or individuals.

Based on familiar ideas - but used differently - children can be helped to see and articulate generalised situations.

Totally meeting the N.C. aims, this activity offers a problem which develops...

Mission X 2016 Briefing

This presentation is produced by the UK Space Agency as a call to schools for the 2016 Mission X: Train Like An Astronaut programme. 

The website can be found by visiting

Secondary Design and Technology Introductory Challange - Airdrop Relief

A team working introductory design and technology activity for secondary students aged 11-16 working in small teams. The activity takes between 60-90 minutes to complete.

Activity Theme: Parachutes

STEM Links: Forces, Resistance, Design, Structural Aerodynamics,...


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