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Citizen Science and Curriculum for Excellence

This guide provides a wealth of information about the benefits of being involved in citizen science and how to incorporate it into the curriculum, with links to citizen science projects and resources.

Citizen science projects can range from discovering a new quasar in space, counting elephants in the...


This Core Maths activity explores exchange rates and international commerce. Students are asked to compare five different countries’ manufacturing costs and decide which option would be the cheapest.

Import/Export: Lesson plan
This lesson plan includes suggested scaffolding and...

Finance project

This Core Maths resource package involves students completing a financially-themed project. Students are given the task of promoting, manufacturing and delivering a new mobile phone for the best possible price. Students complete annual reports on monthly income and expenditure, explore interest rates, exchange...

Selling figures and annual report

This Core Maths activity gives students selling figures and asks them to calculate VAT, gross and net outcomes, calculate monthly balances and graph their results.

Selling figures: Teacher Guide
This teacher guidance includes suggested warm-ups, a description of each of the activities...

Neil Armstrong Biography

Facts about Neil Armstrong's life, career and achievements for the 'Astronaut Passport (Biography)' activity.

Night and Day Resources

  • Differentiated recording template to explain how night and day occur.
  • Explanation template to explain night and day.

Attracting Hormones - What and Who do we like?

A series of resources developed by Cinelive alongside Professor Dave Hornby of the University of Sheffield, Professor Frank Hucklebridge of the University of Westminster and Professor John Wass of Oxford University.

These resources provide the opportunity for a group to explore the history of our...

British Science Week 2016 Home Science Booklet

Short booklet suitable for pupils from Reception - Year 6, encouraging children to engage in simple Science activities at home. This one has specific details about local events around Leeds, but can be easily edited to put in your own local events.

Revised Nuffield Advanced Physics: Energy Sources: Data, References, and Readings

This booklet was compiled to support Unit G 'Energy Sources' in the Revised Nuffield Advanced Physics course. It included a limited number of tables of data. It also gave guidance on where to look for more data in the era before the Internet.


Fats and Oils

This booklet in the Unilever Advanced Series was published in 1994. Unlike the earlier booklets published in the 1960s, this booklet includes both theory and practical work. The text includes questions for students and updates the previous booklet on The Chemistry of Glycerides...


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