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Sources of Mathematical Discovery

This resource, published at a time when teachers had become aware of the tremendous need for motivational topics in mathematics, gives students an appreciation of, and insight into, mathematics and helps adopt an experimental attitude to the teaching and learning of the subject. The book contains ten units.


Investigations in Mathematics

This resource provides a wealth of ideas and inspiration for teachers looking to enrich the curriculum with investigative mathematics. There is a mix of examples drawing out the mathematics from a wide range of everyday objects and activities. The activities are split into six units.

  1. In Search of...

Solving Real Problems with Mathematics Volume 1

Volume one of two publications produced by the Spode Group with the aim of providing a useful set of examples that are convincing applications of mathematics and applications which can be taught in schools.

This volume contains case studies with three distinct components: problem statement, teaching notes...

Leapfrogs Action Books

This series of books from Leapfrogs offers a collection of explorations and investigations on a particular theme. In content they are less restricting than a simple work card.

The Action Books are:

Animations - slidescopes, flip sheets, zig zags...

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