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Globalisation and product manufacture

This resource explores the impact of globalisation on the manufacturing market. It explores the advantages and disadvantages of global product manufacture, looking at topics such as transport, sustainability, delivery, consumer rights, legislation. The presentation and worksheets combine to create a learning mat...

Product life cycle and planned obsolescence

This classroom presentation supports the teaching of planned obsolescence and a product lifecycle. Using the example of a mobile phone, students explore the volume of phone sales over time and discuss how manufacturers can plan a product's lifespan, looking at product growth, maturity of sales and decline over time...

The development of the mobile phone

This resource uses the mobile phone as an example for how technology can develop over time. Using a card sort activity and classroom presentation, it describes the reasons why technology develops (i.e. technology push, market pull) and provides students with an activity where they create a timeline for mobile phone...

Design ethics, sustainability and the environment mock exam

This mock exam tests student understanding of the ethics involved in being a designer. Questions look at sustainability, life cycle analysis and the impact of design on society.

Social, Moral and Cultural Considerations

These resources support students to gain an overview of the social, moral and cultural responsibilities of being a designer. Designing products that consider their impact on others and the environment.

This resource collection contains a classroom presentation, student worksheets and a student starter /...

Inclusive design: lesson 3

Lesson 3 of a set of lessons where students will solve a design problem using inclusive design principles. In this lesson students will learn about anthropometrics and will collect appropriate data which can be applied to the product solution for the client. Students will learn how to collect data and convert into...

Bridges in a modern world

This design, make and evaluate activity asks students to create a bridge from a range of simple materials (I.e. pasta, card). A number of bridges from across the world are used as inspiration for the students designs.

Student Self-review Sheets

Produced by the Nuffield Foundation these resources offer four options of self-review sheets for students to use as they complete capability and resource tasks. *Reviewing your work in a capability task: Two A4 sheets that can be copied, backed, to form an A5 leaflet for students to complete at key points as they...

Fusion 360: Create your own moving cam tutorial

This resource provides step-by-step instructions on how Fusion 360 can be used to create a cam and follower, including basic rendering and movement of the cam and follow components around an axle.

Fusion 360 Concrete tea light Holder

Powerpoint presentation with instructions for creating a concrete tea light holder in Fusion 360. This could be used as a board led tutorial or printed as student instructions.


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