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STEM Clubs are individual to each school and there is no fixed formula for running one. There is, however, plenty of support available for those wanting to start one, and for existing club leaders who want to develop their club further.

This collection includes a step by step guide which...

EO Detective 14-16

These resources use real satellite data from different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum to provide an introduction to scientific image processing techniques. They link to elements of GCSE science specifications as well as supporting aspects of the curriculum for mathematics computing and geography.


This collection supports learning about the identification of birds, aspects of literacy, mathematics and design and technology. Created to support the Big Schools’ Birdwatch, the activities may also be used independent of the larger survey at other times of the year.

The resources have been provided by the...

Dobble 1, 2, 3

Dobble 1, 2, 3 is 30 cards which each contain one geometric shape or number in common. To win, you must find it before the other players do.

A soft introduction to recognizing shapes, numbers and colors.

Statistical investigations in the secondary school

This book is intended for teachers of pupils of the 11-16 age-group in mathematics and other subjects which use statistics. It concentrates on the graphical display of data as an aid to drawing conclusions. It includes many activities and a variety of classroom examples.

Notes and problems in statistics

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This short, concise text is aimed at Business/Management students in Colleges of Further Education, Higher Education, Polytechnics, etc. The book is primarily...

Tantalizers: a book of original logical puzzles

 a book of original logical puzzles



Forty pence each or two for a pound: making maths memorable, accessible and relevant


In 'Forty Pence Each or Two for a Pound: Making Maths Memorable, Accessible and Relevant', Danielle Bartram shares a wealth of practical resources and ideas to help teachers develop a whole-school...

Liquid timer

Tobar Liquid Timer


The cylinder contains a reservoir at each end from which a viscous liquid drips when turned over. The globules slide and drop down a series of curving ramps until they finally pool...

STEM education: classroom activities for teachers by student teachers


The interdisciplinary nature of STEM allows students to interact with knowledge across subjects rather than compartmentalise their learning into separate subject areas. This book demonstrates...


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