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Hypatia Gender Criteria for Schools, Industry and Museums

Hypatia Gender Criteria for Schools, Industry and Museums

Hypatia Theoretical Framework (general criteria for gender inclusion)

In the coming years, with Europe’s knowledge economy developing and new technologies on the rise, skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) will be needed for a broader range of careers than ever before. It is therefore imperative to attract and recruit more youth to STEM study programmes;...

State of the art of gender in STEM

The present document constitutes a specific mapping of how gender is addressed in the current STEM curricula in 14 EU countries. It is based on the analysis of the official 9th grade curricula for physics and biology for the 14 countries, and informed by official guidelines for teachers and head teachers as well as...

Focus Year 10/11 Shape and Space Extension

This Century Maths Shape and Space Focus book is aimed at more able students. The text covers a large amount of ground. As a result there are fewer diversionary explorations than is normal in the Focus books. Some units are very terse; for example the final unit, ‘Matrices’, covers the introduction of matrices and...

Itching for more

Designed for students who have advanced through Scratch and are ready for additional challenge, this resource explores Build Your Own Blocks (BYOB) as a tool for learning modular programming using procedures. 

After examining, briefly, the history of the computer and the Turing Test as a measure of their...

Starting from Scratch

Scratch is widely used in primary schools to teach children basic programming. This resource goes deeper, making use of the familiar Scratch environment to take students deeper into programming concepts such as:

  • Algorithm design
  • Parallel and sequential instructions
  • Event-driven...

I love my smartphone

Mobile app development is an engaging way for students to learn programming and interface design as many do, indeed, "love their smartphone".

This complete learning package teachers the origins and development of the smartphone, helping them to appreciate the amount of technology packed into their pocket. It...

Focus Year 10/11 Number Lead-in

The material in this Century Maths Focus book is aimed at lower achieving students. Many of the activities involve puzzles and games to engage the students.

Contents of the student book:

It all adds up - investigations and puzzles mainly practising addition skills. ...

Number Patterns and Sequences

This MEP resource from CIMT is taken from text book 7A which covers the mathematics scheme of work for the first half of year 7. This resource covers: multiples, finding the next term of a sequence, generating number sequences from a formula and formulae for general terms; finding the nth term. The...

Paper Magic: Folding Polygons

This resource contains step by step illustrated instructions of how to fold a variety of polygons, using A-size paper. The polygons featured include a square, an equilateral triangle, an isosceles triangle, kites, rhombi, a regular pentagon, a regular hexagon and a regular octagon. There are also investigations on...


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