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The Collect package of resources supports students to try out user-centred design principles,  helping them to collect information about their chosen theme for the V&A Innovate challenge. The resources encourage students to explore, listen to people, observe and uncover everything they need to know to help...

Getting started

This collection of Getting Started resources will help you to set up the V&A Challenge with your students. Getting Started focuses your students on establishing a design team. The downloadable resources provide ideas for mini team challenges that your students can take part in to help them begin their creative...

WEAR: what we wear, how it's made and its impact on the world

WEAR asks us to investigate the issues of the fashion industry. Are we too wasteful, throwing clothes away once they've been worn a few times? Do we care who's making our clothing and how much they're being paid? How does our clothing represent who we are and what we have to say?

What if we could all...

EAT: what we eat, how and where it comes from

EAT asks us to explore human food habits. How do we give more people access to affordable, healthy food? What can we do to ensure that our food production is sustainable, and that we aren't wasting or polluting the planet with too much packaging? Can a design idea encourage people to make better food choices?


GO: how we travel, why and where we go

GO asks us to consider the big questions facing human movement. How can we increase global travel without polluting our planet? How do we bring people from different countries closer together? What are the challenges to our everyday mobility?

How might we redesign everyday objects to make travelling...

Make it Move: Electric Racer

In this design challenge from the National STEM Learning Centre and Network, students build an electric racer powered by a super-capacitor. Students must construct the racer and choose which pulley ratio will enable it to cover the greatest distance.

Students decide on the pulley ratio following observations...

Make It Move: Muscle Wire Actuator

In this design challenge from the National STEM Learning Centre and Network, students construct a lever that is moved by muscle wire. This is a conductor that contracts when an electric current is passed through it. The wire movement controls a lever.

Students are asked to consider:

* What are the...

Make It Move: Rotating Arm Actuator

In this design challenge from the National STEM Learning Centre and Network, students make a rotating arm actuator. This uses a geared dc motor to turn a friction fit arm. Two cams can be set at different angles to operate limit switches to control the movement of the arm.

Power is fed to the motor using an...


This series of videos from Teachers TV looks at the kind of skills needed to work in STEM professions, examines the careers available and includes advice from research scientists, engineers and project managers.

A science teacher uses a range of...

Textiles themed design challenges

This resource provides mini challenges based on the designing process. With textiles as the core theme, students are set mini challenges that ask them to create design briefs, understand client needs, generate ideas, communicate their ideas and evaluate their ideas.


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