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Produced by the Technology Enhancement Programme (TEP), these images are useful for adding into documents, presentations or for use with an interactive whiteboard. Mainly simple line drawings, they can be cut and pasted into documents and image processing applications. The images in this resource are related to the...

Shapes with bubbles and balloons

Fun Maths with soap bubbles and balloons


MyKEducation Introduction to basic STEM skills

We offer after School Club or Holiday Club through partnering schools.


MANUAL: Open the full STEM Coordinator's manual


The surprising things you don’t know about big data

A detailed infographic covering the concept of Big Data. Each graphic tackles a different aspect of this phenomena, including data sizes, big data companies, the past, present and future of big data and how data will impact society. Suitable for students aged 11 - 16 years,  the information is easy to comprehend...

Amazon percent discount

A screen grab is shown of a product page from the internet. The list price is given, together with the amount saved. The new price and the percentage discount are blanked out. The task is to find the discounted price and the percentage discount.

The screen grab is shown again, but this time with the new...

Partial products

There are three pictures given of multipacks of food. In each case, some items have been removed from the multipack, and the shopper wishes to purchase the quantities left. The prices are given for a full multipack for each product. What is the total grocery bill?

The Longitude Problem

This film, from Twig World, looks at the relationship between time and place. In an age before satellite navigation and GPS, one man found an ingenious solution to the problem of determining a ship's location at sea. The key points made in the film are: •Lines of latitude circle the Earth horizontally; lines of...

Ways of Looking At The World

This film, from Twig World, explores some of the many ways to explore the Earth and its physical and 'human' features. The key points made in the film are: •Maps have been used by man throughout history to explain and navigate the world. •Traditionally, maps are two-dimensional drawings that use scale to map the...

Calculations with hundreds and thousands

This resource, from the Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching, builds on students' previous knowledge of multiplying by powers of 10 to demonstrate how calculations such as 2000 x 300 can be performed accurately. Follow-up exercises provide practice in the skills learned.

Crystal quest

In this activity, students synthesise prior learning about structure and bonding, and about enzymes, and apply it to a new context: X-ray crystallography. The main part of the activity involves students pitching for funding for new equipment – how will they use the equipment to elucidate structures and why is it...


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