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This activity requires students to be able to ascertain the range and mode from a list, be able to order a list to find the median and calculate the mean. It could also be used to require students to calculate the averages from a stem and leaf diagram or in a table.

The resource contains three sets of cards...


Connect 4: this activity requires students to choose a question and use their knowledge of order of operations to evaluate the statement. Player one answers their question then finds, and shades in with one colour, the answer on the answer grid. Player two then takes their turn,...

Multiplication and Division by Powers of 10: Follow Me Cards

Two sets of follow me cards, the first of which requires students to multiply a whole number by 10 or 100 to find the next card. The second set requires students to divide whole numbers by 10 or 100.

Elemental Su Doku *suitable for home teaching*

This resource, from the Royal Society of Chemistry, helps students gain a familiarity with the Periodic Table by getting them to continually refer to it in a problem solving activity.

Students should more easily recall the elements in the same group after doing some of these problems. The logical skills...


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