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GNVQ Science Intermediate Assignments

The Nuffield Science in Practice file of Intermediate Assignments began with a study guide. This was a compilation of short tasks covering the full range required for each of the four mandatory units. The tasks were designed to help students check that they have understood the content and to prepare for tests....

Secondary: Hand Hygiene

Produced by the Health Protection Agency, this e-Bug resource contains teacher guidance, stimulus materials and student activity suggestions. It considers the need for effective hand washing to limit the spread of infections.

Students carry out an experiment to observe how microbes can spread from person...

Brine Date

With this resource, students develop observation skills by investigating the phenomenon of ‘mate-guarding’ in brine shrimp. Following a teacher-led discussion, students generate hypotheses. For example, one of the hypotheses may be that larger females pair with larger males.

These may be tested...

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