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Dripping taps

These resources explore the importance of saving water and how students can make small changes that have a big impact.

The collection includes activities suitable for key stages 1 and 2 as well as students in key stage 3 and 4. Each of the resources use the idea of a dripping tap to cover key mathematical...

Minimise or Supersize

In this resource from Cre8ate maths, students critically compare nutritional measures and calculate their daily energy requirements. Initially students fill in the worksheet Can we eat what we like, to prompt a whole class discussion about the consequences of a bad diet. They then use the Sugar, salt and fat...

Lost in Interpretation

These lesson activities from Planet Science are designed to improve students’ scientific literacy in regard to data and its interpretation. The resource encourages students to be critically reflective when data is presented and interpreted by the scientists involved and/or the media and to be aware that this can...

Numeracy Refresher

Mathcentre provide this numeracy refresher resource, which was developed and trialled by staff of the University of Birmingham Careers Centre and subsequently used widely throughout the HE Sector. There are sections which review decimals, fractions, averages, percentages and ratios, making it a useful resource for...

Tap Supply

This activity challenges students to work in small teams to design a water supply system for a small town of 5,000 inhabitants. They have to work within a budget, including giving themselves a profit margin.

The activity offers strong opportunities for cross-curricular work with Enterprise.


Tool Holder Testing

This activity, from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), requires students to compete to make the strongest electromagnetic tool holder for a surgeon's robotic arm.

It is intended that students will be able to:
• Design the optimal electromagnet given constraints
• Consider the...

Body Centric Antenna

In this activity, from the Institution of Engineering and technology (IET), students investigate a use of electronic systems to improve health care.

They study a case where a Body Centric Antenna (BCA) increases the speed at which data can be made available to health professionals and produce a short...

Car Pollution

In this activity students consider the questions:

• Why is the car manufacturer interested in planting trees?
• How much pollution do cars cause?
• How can plants compensate for car pollution?
• What factors affect the capacity of a plant to absorb CO2?
• If you had the choice...

Water Shortage

In this activity students consider the questions:

• What are the main sources that cause severe water shortage in Europe?
• How different harmful elements (e.g. fertilizers, gasoline, sulphuric acid) pollute freshwater?
• What methods / strategies can be used to save water?
• What methods...

The Lady or The Tiger

The story, lesson plan, content guide and other "The Lady or the Tiger?" printable PDFs listed at the right compose the climactic learning experience in an early module of three lessons which introduce the concept of binary.

In the first lesson, the class shares a community reading of an adaptation of Frank...

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