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Crest Awards

If you teach or work with students between the age of 11 and 19 and you want to inspire and motivate them to get involved in real science, then Crest Awards may be the vehicle to deliver this.

This guide, from triple science support, has been produced for teachers who are looking for activities with...


This guide, from triple science support, has been produced to provide advice and guidance for teachers wishing to incorporate careers activities into the scheme of work. The guide offers background information and practical suggestions to support classroom practice. Before you start to plan your activity, it is...

Chemistry at Work

'Chemistry at Work' is an enhancement and enrichment event which can be organised in school with the support of the Royal Society of Chemistry. A ‘Chemistry at Work’ event can be used to develop students’ understanding of how their scientific knowledge and understanding could support them in developing their...

Saiful Islam

Professor Saiful Islam is a chemist who never wears a white lab coat. Rather than conduct experiments in laboratories, he uses the world's most powerful computers to produce computer models of the inner, 'atomic' structure of materials used in 'green' energy applications, from the lithium ion rechargeable batteries...

Engineering chocolate

From EngineeringUK, this engaging poster looks at the food industry engineering careers involved in the production of chocolate. Short descriptions are given for the jobs of: chemical engineer, environmental engineer, packaging engineer and biochemical engineer.

Four lesson activities accompany the poster:...

Chemistry: more than just white coats

This presentation highlights the career opportunities available to those with a chemistry qualification.

Liza Brooks: Technical Director (True Snowboards)

In this video, Liza Brooks describes how she became a world expert in snowboard design and technology and the Technical Director of True Snowboards Ltd. Liza describes her interest in science and design technology at school and how failing her AS level subjects led her to study for a National Diploma...

Exploring Physics: Uncovering Choice

From the Institute of Physics, this pack of activities aims to encourage teachers to work together in providing a consistent approach to careers advice and guidance. It will also help teachers to build on their own knowledge of physics-based careers and, in turn, help students to make informed choices based on...

The Mystery of the Levitating Train

In this Science upd8 activity students use their understanding of simple circuits, electricity and magnetism to diagnose and fix problems with the running of a magnetic train in a theme park.

Accident and Emergency

In this Science upd8 activity students take on the role of a hospital Family Liaison Officer. They carry out research around cells, tissues and organs and then explain a patient's injuries using this knowledge. The activity can help to broaden students' ideas about careers in medicine.


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