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London Engineering Project: Girls into Engineering

The London Engineering Project aims to encourage more girls to take up engineering as a career. This guide shares effective practice in the area of gender inclusion.

EDT's Widening Participation Programme

EDT is a charity that offers a comprehensive portfolio of activities designed to promote STEM courses and careers to specific target groups of students, including females and ethnic minorities. This leaflet describes some of their courses and provides contact details for further information.

JIVE Posters

Produced by JIVE (Joint Interventions), this set of information posters are for employers to illustrate how organisations can support and inspire women to enter and progress in Science, Engineering Technology and the Built Environment.

Work Related Learning Guide

Produced by the former Department for Children, Schools and Families, this work-related learning guide is aimed at young people and their parents or carers, employers, primary and secondary schools and colleges, and Education Business Partnership Organisations. The guide includes information on providing work-...

Work Experience in the NHS

Produced by NHS Careers, this toolkit provides background information and advice for schools and other organisations involved in arranging work experience for students in the NHS.

Engineering - Careers

A Catalyst article about careers in the different branches of modern engineering. The article offers an alternative view of engineering focusing on problem solving and making the world a better place to live. Engineers can travel the world working in teams such is the demand for their expertise and much use is made...

STEM Fairs: Introduction

These materials are provided by the British Science Association and supported by Intel. They aim to give an overview of the types of activities that happen at STEM fairs. The guide is useful in preparing students when visiting a fair. It also covers some of the key points to consider when organising, hosting or...

STEM Fairs: Interviews

Provided by the British Science Association, with support from Intel Education, these resources provide an insight into a range of activities involved in organising and taking part in STEM fairs. They include contributions from a teacher taking part in STEM competitions, a STEM Ambassador and students exhibiting...

STEM Fairs: Guidance and Tools

These guidance resources are provided by the British Science Association, with support from Intel Education. They give guidance that includes both attending a STEM fair and running an event. There are three sections:

Getting started
* Comparing festivals - a checklist to help identify...

Faster Formula One

This Mathematics Matters case study looks at how Formula One teams use mathematical methods such as fluid mechanics and Navier-Stokes equations to improve performance. Every second counts in the fast-paced world of Formula One, so race teams use advanced mathematics to squeeze the best performance out of their cars...


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