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STEM careers toolkit: secondary STEM careers toolkit

This  STEM Careers Toolkit for secondary teachers has been designed, with teachers at every step of the way, to provide:

  • an accessible guide to government policy on careers education and information, advice and guidance for young people across the four countries of the UK
  • evidence about the...

STEM careers toolkit: secondary school and post-16 inspection guidelines

Document summarises UK secondary school and post-16 inspection guidelines for careers development across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Career links in Science IVF

In this video from Teachers TV, Science teacher Nichola Offer uses a range of techniques to help her students think about STEM related careers. In a lesson based on in vitro fertilisation(IVF), Nicola invites the school nurse to support the activities and talk about her work. In a role play activity, the Year...

Future Morph: Physiotherapist *suitable for home teaching*

In this Future Morph video, Bristol City Football Club physiotherapist Nick Dawes talks about how he became a physiotherapist. He describes the qualifications and training needed to become a physiotherapist. He describes the challenges he meets during his work which includes the treatment of injuries, player...

The Mystery of the Levitating Train *suitable for home teaching*

In this Science upd8 activity students use their understanding of simple circuits, electricity and magnetism to diagnose and fix problems with the running of a magnetic train in a theme park.

Future Morph: Science Journalist *suitable for home teaching*

In this Future Morph video, freelance science writer Helen Carmichael talks about writing on a range of topics and for different audiences. She describes how she combines her knowledge of science with skills in researching and presenting information to produce an engaging science-based story. Helen describes how...


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