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Assessment for learning

This Triple Science Support guide provides an overview of evidence based practice in assessment for learning, with some practical suggestions of how you can develop AfL strategies to support students progress in science.

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Planning for progression

This Triple Science Support guide provides an overview of four essential components of progression in science and how planning can support progression:

1. Organisation of that conceptual knowledge and understanding around key ideas

2. Clear learning targets that are focused on those central concepts...

Teaching for linear assessment

This Triple Science Support guide provides an overview of effective planning for linear assessment, with some practical examples of current practice 

When starting to plan the teaching and learning for linear assessment there are three key areas that are worth consideration; namely...

Working with teaching assistants (TAs)

This Triple Science Support guide provides information about exemplary practice when working with TAs, as well as practical tips and advice, intended for heads of department and classroom teachers.

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Tactical Ignoring

In this video, behaviour expert Dr Bill Rogers explains the virtues of tactical ignoring.



Ensuring a Settled and Focused Class

In this video, behaviour for learning expert Dr Bill Rogers shares his advice and experiences on how to get students settled and ready to learn at the beginning of the lesson.

Action research for physics programme (ARPP)

Published in May 2011, this report from the University of Southampton, school of education  is an evaluation of the Action Research for Physics programme which was organised and managed by the National Network of Science Learning Centres between September 2009 and February 2011....

D&T teachers CPD survey

Published in September 2010, this summary of an online survey looks at design and technology (D&T) teachers’ attitudes towards CPD.

The full collection of STEM Learning impact and evaluation research reports can be viewed here

Evaluation of the impact of ENTHUSE partnerships: draft interim report

Published in January 2015, this interim report provides an overview of the ENTHUSE partnerships, discusses the progress they have made to date, identifies the impacts that have arisen thus far and those expected in the future, and summarises key learning points....

Evaluation of the impact of Myscience CPD programmes in STEM leadership on primary and secondary schools

Published in November 2014, this summary report (based on research conducted by the National Foundation for Educational Research) investigates the impact of a range of STEM leadership CPD programmes targeted at leaders and teachers of STEM subjects in primary and secondary schools and colleges.

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