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Keeping Baby Warm

This Cre8ate maths activity investigates the ratio of surface area to volume in adults and babies and explains why we keep babies wrapped up in winter.

To calculate surface area and volume students make scale models of a baby and an adult. The models may be simple in nature, such as a single cuboid, or a...

Computers Helping the Design Process at Lower Key Stage Two: Easy 3-D Vehicle Models

One of the trial units from the Nuffield Primary Solutions in Design and Technology. Children design and make a 3-dimensional prototype model of a commercial vehicle.

It must be suitable for use as a storage and transport vehicle for a particular load such as milk bottles, letters and parcels, sheets of...

Drama: Growing Pains

This resource, aimed at Key Stage Two, covers the topic areas of plants and animals in the environment and helping plants grow well. In the form of a play script, Growing Pains takes a humorous look at what plants need to grow. Carbunckle a robot, Princess Creosote an alien and Joseph Soap the gardener, meet in a...

Voice Your Choice (Key Stage Two)

Voice Your Choice is an innovative, ready-to-go, resource produced by Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BCGI) which engages students at Key Stage Two in debate on conservation of animal and plant species.

A scenario is set and students are divided into groups to investigate the reasons for saving a...

Science and Engineering on the Moon Challenge

These NASA materials describe hands-on science and engineering challenges for students, using space exploration as an engaging context. The activities are related to NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and NASA's Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite missions. Students design and build: *an air-powered...

BP in Business Case Studies

This case study from BP Educational Service offers students aged 14-19 an insight into how a global business works. The study explores how BP's marketing team decides on place of sale, price and promotion for a product.

This resource is also suitable for Business Studies students.

Wider Implications of Shopping

Produced by the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE) this activity aims to encourage students to consider the wider environmental, social and economic implications of shopping. It can be conducted in small groups as an introduction to sustainability.

Ordering Fractions and Decimals N1

In this resource from the DfE Standards Unit, students learn to interpret decimals and fractions using scales and areas, find equivalent fractions, order and relate fractions and decimals and to reflect on and discuss these processes. Students will have met these concepts before. Many, however, may still have...

Evaluating Directed Number Statements N9

In this resource from the DfE Standards Unit students learn to make valid generalisations about the effect of operations on directed numbers. It is helpful if students have already attempted to use directed quantities in contexts (e.g. money or temperature) before
attempting this session. In this session,...

Using Directed Numbers in Context N8

In this resource from the DfE Standards Unit students learn to understand and use directed numbers in the context of temperatures. This session requires no prior knowledge.Students are provided with the temperatures in four cities, temperature differences between these and four other cities are also given. Students...


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